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BHO: UK and Ireland DrugWatch Information Sheet
Butane Hash Oil (BHO): UK and Ireland DrugWatch Information Sheet

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UK and Ireland DrugWatch are an informal online professional information network established by a group of professionals working in the UK and Irish drugs sector. The aim of the group is to raise/establish standards for drug information, alerts and warnings. It is currently an unfunded, bottom-up initiative that works in the spirit of mutual co-operation. Current members:

Michael Linnell Linnell Communications/DrugWatch co-ordinator
Harry Shapiro DrugWise
John Ramsey TicTac
Annette Dale Perera NHS/Club Drug Clinic London
Neil Hunt  Independent Consultant
Danny Morris Training and Project Consultancy
Kevin Flemen KFX
Katy McLeod Scottish Drugs Forum
Austin Smith Scottish Drugs Forum
Michael Lawrence CRI
Mark Adley Drugs Wheel/South Tyneside Substance Misuse Service
Nigel Brunston Injection Advice/HIT
Josie Smith Public Health Wales
Rob Barker Sands CYMRU
Iain Cameron Belfast Drug Outreach
Chris Rintoul Council for Homeless N.I.
Basak Tas Release


For more details on UK and Ireland DrugWatch: