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The Drugs Wheel game: free version

The professionally printed versions of these games are now sold out. A limited edition of 100, the games were bought by organis­ations around the UK and beyond; reaching to Spain, Italy, the US, the Nether­lands and Australia. The free version of the game is still available (instructions below).

The game has been designed as a tool to help people understand the range and effects of some new psycho­active substances (NPS). It has been trialled in various settings with young people, adult substances users and a range of profess­ionals working in various fields such as drugs workers, teachers and social workers.

There are four elements to the game, the instructions, drug labels and descriptions (for you to cut out), and the board itself, which can be printed at A3 size. To view an instructional video, visit the training page. There is also a Dutch version of the game in progress.

click to downloadInstructions

click to downloadDrug labels

click to downloadDrug descriptions (A3 sized)

click to downloadBoard (two page A3 document, with blue and multi-coloured versions)


A special thank you to Michael Linnell for providing the majority of the images on the drug labels.